Plasma Vs Erbium Gas Resurfacing Vs Long Pulse Nd Yag

I am 43 asian male with darker skin type, have not much wrinkle, but acne scar, pigmentation, rough pores and dark spot below the eyes. My goal is to look 10 years younger. I was told to do nd yag, erbium gas resurfacing, and plasma, please advice the best solution.

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Asian skin may develop hyperpigmentation

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Although Neodynium Yag has a 1064nm. wavelength which protects the skin pigment more than the some other lasers, it may not provide you with enough deep energy to improve the textural changes you indicate you have.  Plasma resurfacing may not have a risk of hypopigmentation but may cause hyperpigmentation (darkening) as your pigment increases as a response to the trauma. Pores may or may not improve regardless of  the type of treatment and dark circles under the eyes are very hard to treat.

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