Did my Surgeon Use the Wrong Suture on my Tummy Tuck?

After a tummy tuck, some 6+ years ago, I developed a very swollen, painful and hard area over my pubic bone. My doc said it was scar tissue and would resolve. It didn't, got worse and started itching. Then I developed a lesion in my upper labia that started draining. I suffered with this for over 6 months until 2 large sutures and a knot came out of the lesion! One was still knotted. Both are blue. Did my plastic mess up and use the wrong suture?

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Wrong suture for tummy tuck

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This suture is most likely called Prolene and is commonly used for the muscle repair and therefore is not hte wrong suture.

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Suture abcess

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Since no one was witness, no one can say that the surgeon messed up or not.  What I can say is that you had a stitch abcess and this happens from time to time.  The blue suture is a standard non-absorbable suture that is used in all kinds of surgery, and is an appropriate choice in tt.

Let's just hope that this ends your misery.

Sutures in a tummy tuck

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Your doctor used a permanent suture for the muscle repair in your tummy tuck.  This is perfectly reasonable though I personally choose to use dissolvable ones even for the muscle.  In my opinion, once the muscle has healed over 8 weks, the sutures are no longer needed and so I use absorbable ones.  But your doctor didn't "mess up."

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