Could Plaque Stagnation Give Metallic Taste?

Told by 2 dentists my gums are in excellent condition. Moved & have new crown (porcelain over metal) put on because the amalgam fillings always had a metallic taste. The new crown has a metallic rim at gumline both front and back. I am getting an awful metallic taste again which I did not have when the temp was on. I questioned this and was told it is usually caused by plaque stagnation around the crown margin and not from the metal core itself as the metal is inert. Can this be the case

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Metal taste in Mouth

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Possibly.  But why didn't you feel the metallic taste with the temporary which usually is much rougher and collects more plaque?  I know it will be a bother, but an all porcelain crown may be a better choice for you.  Keep in mind that a metallic taste is unpleasant to live with but will not compromise the longevity of what you have now.  This is a difficult decision to make since you just had the crown placed.  Moving forward, perhaps all porcelain fillings and crowns would be more appropriate in your mouth.  Good Luck.

Long Island Dentist

Re: Metal Taste After Crown Placement

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I think this has nothing to do with palque but has to do with the metal in the crown that is a porcelain fused to metal. If you had a metallic taste with the amalgams, you probably are having the same problem with the procelain fused to metal crown. We do not do these any longer because all porcelain crowns, like a zirconia crown, are strong and durable and esthetically much better for the patient's smile. Did you mention to the dentist that you had a metallic taste in your mouth before you and he decided to use a porcelain/metal crown?  It seems to me, he would have stayed away from this and used all porcelain.

George Koutsoukos, DDS
Valencia Dentist

Can metal crowns give metalic taste

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There is a reason why dentists like those on this panel always prefer all ceramic/porcelain crowns. Not to all people  but some, and not all metal fused to porcelain crowns  but some can have metallic taste .To prove to yourself and the dentist try to recall if your temporary crown  had a metallic taste? The temporaries now a days are made of resin/plastic . Obviously they do not have a metallic taste although  Plaque adheres to temporaries much faster and much more that to  metal rim of a crown.

So change your crown to all porcelain ones. And in your mouth , do not put anything made of metal.    

Soheyla Marzvaan, DDS
Orange County Dentist

Crowns and Metallic taste

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A metal based crown can have a metallic taste. Is there a reason the dentist did not do an all ceramic crown?

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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