If you personally knew family/friends looking for an Ethnic(African-Am.) Rhinoplasty in South Florida , who would you recommend?

By South Florida I mean anywhere from Coconut Creek to Miami. I've already been looking at the work of doctors J. Harell and J. Epstein, and while I'm sure they are phenomenal surgeons, their African American patients usually come out with a pinched nose look that I'm not looking for. Also, generally whats the cost of just trimming the dorsal hump and narrowing the nasal bridge in South Florida? I know you won't be able to give specific prices, which is why I'm asking generally.

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Ethnic Rhinoplasty

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Thank you for your question. I agree with the comments made below. Not every rhinoplasty surgeon is comfortable with african american noses. For the best result be prepared to travel. In the end it will certainly be in your interest to find the most experienced surgeon. Best WishesTheodore T. Nyame 

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Ethnic rhinoplasties

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Although geography is important, it should not be the rate-limiting step in your decision for an African American rhinoplasty. Seek out a BCPS with excellent before and after results. Good luckDrBurnett#realself100

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