Can I have a Brest Reduction if I am pregnant or a little anemic?

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Breast Reduction While Pregnant or Anemic

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Absolutely no elective surgery while you are pregnant as it can seriously harm the baby. For breast reduction surgery, you will need to wait at least three months after delivery or after breast feeding, before you are eligible for such surgery, If you have naturally large breasts and are concerned about breast size increase during pregnancy, and the added pressure on your shoulders and back, visit a maternity store for a fit at about four months and at eight months for a nursing bra. In the meantime, you might consider researching Board Certified plastic surgeons in your area. Regarding breast reduction surgery when a little anemic, discuss first with your primary care physician to determine the underlying cause. Also be sure to share that you are anemic, your with your plastic surgeon who will then be able to best determine the impact of the anemia on your breast reduction surgery.

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Can I have a Brest Reduction if I am pregnant or a little anemic?

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Thanks for your question.
No you should not undergo this type of surgery if you are pregnant.
Best wishes,
Dr sajjadian

Ali Sajjadian, MD, FACS
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Breast recution during pregnacy

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I would not recommned it.Wait till you have the baby and if you elect to breast feed then wait till you have completed that.It is always best to be cautious and err on the side of being conservative

Robert Brueck, MD
Fort Myers Plastic Surgeon
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Can I have a Brest Reduction if I am pregnant or a little anemic?

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Any ethical surgeon would never recommend that you proceed with any type of elective surgery during pregnancy as this can jeopardize your health and that of your baby. It is best to wait three months after breast feeding or even better, until you have finished having children as the breasts will change with each pregnancy and can affect the results of your surgery.

Yes but not now

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You can have a breast reduction. You will have to wait to have to several months after you deliver. This will allow your body to get back to his usual state prior to pregnancy and this will allow you to deliver a healthy baby without harm.

Plastic surgery during pregnancy

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You have to wait to deliver to have any elective or plastic surgery, only if you have an emergency that requires surgery is the only way you get surgery being pregnant, Best wishes!

Australia Fragoso-Baez, MD
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Can I have a Brest Reduction if I am pregnant

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You have got to be kidding!  No plastic surgeon in his/her right mind would even consider it!  There is a big difference between being pregnant and a little anemic.  One jeopardizes the health of the baby and the other is a minor problem.  You need to get your priorities straight.

Can I have a Brest Reduction if I am pregnant or a little anemic?

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Oh! C'mon !!! NO no elective surgery while pregnant is the standard of care. Why would you even consider THIS!!!??? 

No elective medications or surgery during pregnancy!

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You should not use alcohol, tobacco (or nicotine--any form), or take any medications not specifically agreed to by your OB specialist. This certainly includes elective surgery and the anesthetics used for this operation.

Anemia is another thing entirely, but this would not eliminate the ability to undergo safe breast reduction, since this operation can be done with essentially no blood loss. That being said, the cause and severity of your anemia should be evaluated by your regular physician before consideration of any elective operation.

After your delivery and completion of breast feeding, you will find your breasts have changed, and you may prefer a breast lift rather than a reduction. But wait until your baby is born, weaned, and your hormones and menstrual cycles have normalized for at least 3 periods. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

Richard H. Tholen, MD, FACS
Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon
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No breast reduction ever when pregnant!

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If pregnant the only surgery done is the mandatory surgery such as an appendix etc.   The baby does not want disturbed with elective surgery and drugs etc etc etc.    Anemia needs worked up and defined.   Once the cause is established it can be corrected.   Some people are a little anemic and that is normal for them.  This is not a problem for some types of elective surgery including a breast reduction.   My Best, Dr C

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