Suture Line hole after labiaplasty 4 weeks post op. What are my options? (Photo)

2 weeks post op I examined it for the first time and saw a hole right in the suture line. I was pulling very softly to examine the area as it was somewhat visible even without pull. I scheduled an appointment for the next day at which time the dr told me to stop looking at it and to "stop pulling on it". I was really hoping for some fix like a few stitches but the dr assured me that everything is fine. Now it is 4 weeks post op and I still see the hole. What are my options or risks a this time.

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Hole in labia after labiaplasty. Healing complication after labiaplasty

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Total healing takes 3-6 months, although if there is a through & through opening, it will probably stay, but may not be a problem for you.  It is impossible to say from your photos.  It is the surgeon who operated on you that you should see at ~ 6 weeks post-op, for a "plan" if there remains dissatisfaction after 3+ months. What cannot be done unfortunately is "...just put a stitch in it..." For a tiny opening, it's best to leave well enough alone, as a "re-repair" could always break dowm.  

Give it a bit more time, then consult with either your surgeon (best) or a skilled, experienced plastic or Gyn reconstructive surgeon. However, a "re-do" by an experienced doc may cost you more than your original surgery, while most docs who experience a complication or uneven healing will do their best to "make it right" at little or no charge...

Very best,

Michael P Goodman

Hole in suture like after labiaplasty

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I suggest you contact your plastic surgeon again and discuss your concerns with them.  They can examine you and advise you based on the type of procedure they performed and the type of sutures they used.  Best wishes. 

Hole 4 Weeks after Labiaplasty

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Follow up closely with your surgeon and express your concerns. He or she may not realize how frightening it is for you. 

The mucosal tissue usually heals well. In general it's best to avoid putting sutures into an area that has separated after surgery without treating it as seriously as a second surgery. Putting a few stitches into an area that has opened my result in an infection. That's why incisions that open up after surgery are usually treated with ointment or dressing changes, depending on the situation.

Wounds tend to heal from the depths outward, so it may appear that the wound isn't healing until it fills in, and then it can finally close. However, your surgeon to check your wound to make sure it's progressing.

It'll be important to follow all instructions so you can heal as quickly as possible.

Having a complication can be scary. Make sure you get the support you need from your surgeon and the office staff.

If you're interested in reading about a labiaplasty patient's experience, click on the link below. Once you heal, your experience will likely end up being like hers.

All the best.

Labiaplasty Scar Separation

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Your surgeon gave you excellent advice. Pulling on a weakly connected area of thin tissue is a great way to keep it from reconnecting spontaneously. The problem with putting stitches into weakened tissue is that they will not stay in place and, in addition, they will irritate the area further causing the problematic area to take longer to heal. Your best option is to let it heal on its own and revise as needed if needed at 3-6 months.

Hole in labia

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could be managed with wound care if it is not a through and through hole which is what it appears to be.  If you can see daylight through the hole, a revision will be needed to close it.  Your surgeon is aware and at this point, there is nothing to do but hang on for the ride until is over/healed.  When wounds fall apart, they cannot simply be sutured together again as it will fail.

Suture Line hole after labiaplasty 4 weeks post op. What are my options? (Photo)

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Thank you for your question and photographs. It is frustrating when incisions do not heal as expected, and it does appear that you have an area on yours that opened after surgery. I would recommend you see your operative surgeon so that he/she can assess the wound, and help guide you on the next steps towards healing. Once healed, revision surgery can be performed, if needed

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