Do I have an overbite? If so, is it possible to correct it without closing my tooth gaps? (Photos)

to elaborate, i've had braces before but didnt wear my retainer. During that time my ortho told me that I had an overbite, however I never wore my bands during the treatment. Now, many years later i've started to take my dental appearance a little more seriously. From the front I cant really tell if I have an overbite, but my front lip does protrude, and I suspect this may be related to the overbite, since noone in my family has upper lip protrusion.

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Hi, metrooo!

Thanks for your question and photos. I definitely see what you mean about the upper lip being more forward than the lower. Still, I think it's a normal, favorable relationship. 

Based on the two photos it looks like the upper lip being more advanced is more of a skeletal relationship than a tooth/dental one. Your dental "overbite" appears to be minimal from the photo and your front teeth are not tipped out or proclined. When you bite down, do the top and bottom teeth contact or touch (back of top teeth, front of bottom teeth)? If so, then you don't have a dental "overbite" since there is no tipping/proclination of the teeth. 

The top jaw is probably in front of the bottom one giving that appearance to your lips. There are several ways to correct this with varying degrees of improvement. Please contact your nearest orthodontic specialist to review treatment options.


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