I am a man wanting to get fillers for my nasal folds and mouth to chin folds. I plan on losing weight. Should I wait?

I am a 57 year old man wanting to get fillers for my nasal folds and mouth to chin folds. I have a naturally round face, and plan on losing 10-15 lbs overall. I'm not over weight, I'd like to drop from 185 to 175 or 170 lbs. when I lose weight I know my face loses it too. Should I wait to get injectibles after I've lost weight?

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Should I wait until after I lose weight to get fillers?

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It really isn’t fair that as we lose weight and get healthier, we lose volume in our face that makes us look older! I would generally recommend waiting until after you lose the weight to have fillers done. That being said, if it really bothers you before you lose it all, you can add a little at that time and then add more when you hit your goal weight. Good luck on the weight loss!

Austin Plastic Surgeon
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Planned weight loss & Fillers

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Dear offers1:

My advice to you would be to loose your weight first and then see an expert injector for desired treatment results.  All the best.

Cosmetic fillers/injectibles

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  • There are a variety of cosmetic fillers you may use in order to improve the appearance of facial lines wrinkles and contours. Some fillers are shorter lasting and some are longer lasting. If you plan on losing a great deal of weight in a relatively short period of time (2-5 months) then by all means wait and dont spend your money on fillers just yet. But generally weight loss is a process that can be lengthy and during the process if you would like to enjoy an improved appearance and reduction of age lines around the nose and mouth you may absolutely get treatment with fillers such as restylane, juvederm, voluma and other hyaluronic acid injectibles that will last up to a year. They will correct the nasolabial folds (the parentheses as they are called by Allergan) or the melolabial folds (the marionette lines that jutt from the corner of the mouth toward the chin), for the flattening of cheeks, under the eyes for lower lid hollows, or even behind deeper folds or wrinkles anywhere really where the objective is to flatten the contour and smoothen out the appearance of the skin.

Tal Dagan, MD, FACS
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Timing of injections

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Hello and thanks for your question- 

This answer completely depends on you. When we lose weight, the face actually looks older. Youth = volume and fat is volume. Without a picture it's really hard to say what's needed. Typically with round face individuals I'm careful about adding too much filler to the lower face- it can make the lower face appear heavy but that doesn't mean it's not a good option for you- there are also other options like adding volume to the lateral cheek area which decrease the nasolabial folds by adding volume and not just obscuring the line. 

Bottom line- see a physician you trust who will talk things through with you and your weightless goals and time lines. 

Hope this helps!

Dr. Robb

Waiting to get fillers until after weight loss

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As a facial plastic surgeon, I get asked this question all the time with respect to both injectables and surgery.  Most patients are not going to see a significant change in facial volume with only 10-15 pounds of weight loss.  The face does start to change more dramatically as weight loss approaches the 25-30 pound range. 

For this reason, if the targeted weight loss is less than about 25 pounds, I generally recommend proceeding with any desired treatment whenever you are ready for it because the weight loss is not going to make a dramatic change in the face.  

Unfortunately, the other factor to consider is that we often fall short of our weight loss goals, so if you put off making the changes that you would like to make, you may end up putting them off forever. If you go ahead and make the changes when you are ready, you can always go back and touch up any problem areas later if significant weight loss ends up affecting the results in a negative way.

All the best,

Matthew Richardson, MD
Frisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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