Planning Ahead

I'm 54, female, and have been overweight most of my adult life. Through diet and light exercise alone I'm 70 lbs. from my goal of 125 pounds. I started at 350 pounds. Honestly, I'm not sure I can afford any surgery, but should that option become available to me, what can I do now via nutrition, exercise, etc. to prepare for procedures and possibly reduce the need for a total body lift?

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Body contouring after weight loss

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Congratulations on your weight loss.  Depending on the amount and location of your residual excess skin, you may benefit from a tummy tuck or a body lift.  Most plastic surgeons refer to a body lift as a circumferential body lift = belt lipectomy.  This procedure is essentially 3 procedures in one: extended tummy tuck + waist/lateral thigh lift + buttock lift (with the option of buttock augmentation).   Please visit with a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery to learn more about your options.

Dr. Basu

Houston, TX

Planing for Body Contouring Surgery after Massive Weight Loss

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Great !! You have worked had to achieve this  weight loss and will be rewarded by making yourself a healthier individual.  The body contouring surgery will help you to address the hanging loose skin that you may have on your lower face, breasts, upper arms, abdomen, buttocks and thighs.

Procedures include Facelift, Brachioplasty or arm lift, breast lift, abdominoplasty, lower body lift, buttocks lift, and thigh lift.  

The decision as to which of these procedures will serve your needs will be determined based on your physical examination findings and discussion of your goals, time and budget considerations once your have reached a stable goal weight.  

The best thing you can do to prepare is maintain you health during the weight loss process. 

As a result of your massive weight gain the skin on your abdomen has undoubtedly lost its elasticity and has striae or stretch marks which as a result.  This along with the hanging of your buttocks are reasons to consider a lower body lift as it will remove the excess skin, tighten your abdomen, and lift your buttocks.

Fredrick A. Valauri, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon

Planning After Massive Weight Loss

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Congratulations on the determined weight loss!  Most patients will benefit from a total body lift agter the loss of 225 pounds.  I do understand your aversion to the body lift; it is a long, risky, and costly procedure.  Although the body lift addresses your lateral thighs, buttocks, and back in addition to the abdomen, you would likely benefit from an abdominoplasty alone.  The things that you can do pre-op are to have a reasonable protein intake and be in ideal medical condidtion.  Even though you wisk to lose an additional 70 pounds, it would be helpful for you to go ahead and obtain consultations with one or more BC plastic surgeons to see who you best mesh with.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
Louisville Plastic Surgeon

Reaching your goal weight

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Congratulations on your hard work with losing weight.... that is a big deal! When I see patients that are losing weight, I ask them to safely do what they can with diet and exercise to reach their goal weight prior to having surgery.  This is the best way to achieve the best results.

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