I Am Planning on Getting Lip Implants?

I work in an ICU. Taking 5 days off to ice and deflate. Will I be somewhat presentable by then? Cant present to work looking like a freak!

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Lip implant question

Everyone recovers at his/her own rate, however, the face and lips have great blood supply.  Any swelling or bruising that you might get should be gone by five days.  I would advise the application of cold compresses after the procedure and head elevation to help minimize swelling/bruising.  After a few days, if swelling persists, I would recommend switching to warm compresses.

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Lip Implant Recovery

Taking 5 days off from work after lip implants is reasonable.  We recommend ice packs for 48 hours to help prevent brusing and reduce swelling.  Also, sleeping in an elevated position, such as a bed wedge helps.

Robert E. Zaworski, MD
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Lip Implant Recovery 4-5 Days

After a lip augmentation, there can be a fair amount of bruising and swelling.  However, this usually peaks at 24-48 hours and then subsides.  Ice packs on and off for the first 1-2 days are essential.  Usually after 4 days, the lips are pretty well down to where they should be.  Any bruising should be able to be covered with lipstick.  Returning to work 5 days later is a reasonable expectation for my patients.  I hope this helps.

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