Planning ICL Eye Surgery: How Many Procedures is Considered "Experienced"?

I am considering ICL eye surgery due to thin corneas that make me a poor candidate for Lasik. All of the research I have done about choosing a surgeon says to ask how many procedures the surgeon has done. Unfortunately I can't seem to find any information on how to evaluate the answer. What would be a good benchmark for "Experience" with this procedure? Thanks.

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Intraocular Contact Lens Surgery and Surgeon Experience

Your question  about surgeon experience with ICL surgery is valid, because these procedures are reserved for the more extreme cases of nearsightedness, therefore, individual surgeons volumes are typically low. Using myself as an example, I have performed under 100 ICL procedures, but about 100,000 Lasik and PRK procedures and over 10,000 cataract procedures. The better to question to ask, then, is how many cataract procedures your surgeon has performed, because many of the steps in performing ICL surgery mirror cataract surgery. My feeling is that if your surgeon has performed several thousand cataract procedures, but only 50 ICL procedures, you are still in very good hands, because of the similarity of technique.

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i have performed about 1,000 procedures for people who thought they needed intraocular surgery ie ICL and pay $10,000, and were able to get LASEK very safely, since there is no flap, you can treat much higher Rxs than LASIK and still stay within safe corneal tissue thickness limits

i have gone into great detail about the math involved wrt initial and final corneal thickness, so just look at my prior postings or on my website, and you will understand why if you have a thin cornea you can probably only have LASIK up to -3, let's say, but with the same thin cornea you can safely have LASEK up to -9

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