Planning on Going for the 3rd Rhinoplasty? (photo)

Hi All,I'm a 37 yr old African man who had an accident when I was 6 yrs old. My nose was badly affected. I went for my 1st and 2nd Rhinoplasty, the last one 3 yrs ago with the same Dr. I am planning on going for the 3rd one with the same Dr as he has also confirmed that my nose needs some more adjustments. I really need to do this. I still believe in my Dr though many people are telling me otherwise.Kindly advise, I'm really desperate now !!! 

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You give no hint of dissatisfaction with the results of the first or the second rhinoplasty. Or what are the goals not achieved ?  You need to have a list of what you want changed, and discuss with your surgeon. Go through the surgery only if you understand the surgery and complications and expected results. No guarantees.

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Hi J,
The question is: what don't you like about your nose? Many surgeons and friends can give an opinion but what matters is what you think. You can also ask for computer imaging which will show you what your nose can look like after the surgery.

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