Planning on Explanting 650ccL 700ccR, 1/2 Sub Pectoral Implants with Previous Periareolar Lift: Seeking Advice on Lift? (photo)

I am planning on a complete explant and lift of my Saline 650ccL 700ccR, 1/2 sub pectoral implants with previous peri areolier lift due to back pain issues. I would like a lift at the same time. I am not planning on having a capsluectomy done. Am I able to have a lift done at the same time with minimal risk, and what type of lift would be recommended? have about a b to c cup in natural breast tissue with poor elasticity and am looking for a solution that would give me the best cosmetic outcome.

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Deflating saline implants in office

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Deflating saline implants is easily done inn office first, followed by the lift six weeks to three months later.

Lift after implant removal?

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It  may be a good idea to remove the impalnts first and then perform a lift when the tissues rebound from the removal. 

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Seeking Advice on Lift?

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This is a tough call because of the size of the implants. It seems certain that you will need a lift, and at least this will be a vertical lift. Whether or not a vertical lift will allow enough skin removal will depend upon how much skin shrinkage would occur, and that is not entirely predictable. Examination of the breast skin would give some hints, but that obviously cannot be done online. 

One suggestion that you might suggest to your surgeon would be to deflate the implants in the office, and then wait a few months before doing the lift. By that time it will be much easier to assess what pattern of lift will be most suitable. If the size winds up being smaller than you expect, which is possible, considerations for a small implant or fat grafting could be incorporated into the plan.

Thanks for your question, all the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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Planning on Explanting 650ccL 700ccR, 1/2 Sub Pectoral Implants with Previous Periareolar Lift: Seeking Advice on Lift?

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Your previous peri-areolar lift has not lifted sufficiently,so a vertical lift would be necessary

Internal acellular dermal graft or mesh may be beneficial

Hilton Becker, MD
Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon
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