Planning BBL Procedure: How Many Procedures is Considered "Experienced"?

I am interested in a Brazilian buttock enhancement. The board certified plastic surgeon that I have had another procedure with has done about 12 of this procedure. He is double board certified, and I trust him.He's confidant in a good result. Should I proceed (which I am leaning towards) or go travel to East coast to surgeon that had done hundreds of this procedure?

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Brazilian Butt Lift Experience...... How much is necessary?

If you are comfortable with your surgeon, and you have seen good results of patients of his who have had the same procedure, then it sounds like a reasonable choice to me. 
If your surgeon is able to obtain the results that you want and the photos that they show you are at least 3 months post op, then they probably have a good technique.  Anyone can show Amazing results in photos a few weeks after surgery. But, in my experience, it is a patients appearance at least 3 or more months after surgery that is important. 
You should always ask to speak to patients who have had the procedure done more than 3 months ago as well. 

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