I'm Planing on Doing 12 Zerona Sessions and Have a Question?

I just finished my 3rd session and seeing the results( actually I felt and saw results from 1st time),but due to my travel schedule I can only do up to 8 treatment consecutively, and rest (4 more) have to wait till I get back one week later.Should I divide them and do two set of 6 zerona? or I should finish till 8th treatment and do the rest( 4 sessions) later?or stop at 3rd session now, then do the rest of 9 sessions consecutively when I can? please let me know what will be most effective.

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How to divide up Zerona Sessions

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Zerona laser light treatments usually work best if they are repeated every to to three days.  In the original Zerona medical study for FDA approval, this is the amount of time that the pores in the fat cells remain open after each treatment.  Although there hasn't been a medical study to answer your particular question, I would probable suggest that if you had to divided up your treatments into two separate sessions, I would suggest you opt for two sets of six treatments each.  Best of luck.

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