Any Thoughts on Posting LONG TERM BBL Result Photos?

Why don't most Doctors who perform Brazilian Butt LiIft Show their LONG TERM results? Everyone's behind looks big and round at one or two weeks post op! It is ,rare for a Brazilian Butt Lift patient to post photos of their finql results. I feel that crowing about results that are only a few days or weeks old is counterproductive. It gives prospective patients who do not thoroughly undersrand the procedure a false sense of what final results may really look like . Do you agree?

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Should photos show long term results following a BBL?

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The real results following the BBL can be appreciated  after about 6 weeks, beyond which there is little change. Nevertheless becasue of variations in fat graft take post-op photos should await 3-6 months before being taken. The good news, though, is that if the buttocks appear satisfactory at about 3 months there is an excellent chance that they will remain so.  

Can pictures be deceptive? Yes

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yes, posting pictures a short time after surgery does not show real results.  A procedure such as a BBL takes 3 months to finalize.  After 3 months there is no further loss of volume (in our experience) and thus we try to take our 'after' pics at 3+ months.

I do agree some pictures out there look unrealistic.  A thin patient with a small butt suddenly has a huge butt.  Where did all that fat come from?  Is that just fluid swelling?

When looking for a surgeon, always ask how long after the procedure the 'after' was taken.


Martin Jugenburg, MD, FRCSC

Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute

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