I Plan on Having a Tummy Tuck in NC. However, I Need It Done This Month. is That Possible

I want a tummy tuck done. I need it done this month because I return to work Aug. 20. Is it possible for that to happen? Or is that rushing things too much? I have already had one consultation and they couldnt schedule surgery until Sept. I live in Pinehurst NC. Thanks:) Also, they are going to charge me 9,000 for everything; including lipo.

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Tummy tuck ...........I need it now

Tummy tucks are major procedures and should be treated as such.   The recovery process is key.  You need to make sure that you have adequate time and help for several weeks following your procedure.  You have already had a consultation down in pinehurst, there are probably several plastic surgeons in the area that could accomodate your timing issues.  You will need to go and see others should your first doctor not be able to make his or her schedule available to you.  good luck

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Tummy Tuck Surgery ASAP

I tell my patients that the recovery time after the tummy tuck is so important and if the patient doesn't have the time off, to schedule for a time when they can recover fully before returning to work.  I suggest 2-4 weeks off (sometimes more depending on the patients job). The first thing you need to do is to find a board certified plastic surgeon who you feel comfortable with .  Ask to see before and after photos and even speak to patients about their experience.  Once you have found your surgeon, start planning the surgery.  Don't squeeze into someone's schedule just because they have room in the OR schedule.  You want to do this once and have a good result, make sure you plan accordingly.

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Allow time

You should never rush or accelerate the schedule to allow for surgery because you have to return to work .  you need about 2 weeks for a desk-type job and 3-4 weeks if you are involved in a more physical position.  your recovery and safety are more important because should anything arise during your recovery because you are pushing yourself along too fast, it will set you back.  So, make sure you and your PS are on the same page when it comes to safely planning for surgery and pos-op recovery.

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There are no emergency cosmetic surgeries

If you waited to late until planning the tummy tuck, you may need to wait until the next time your schedule allows for the recovery.  The best thing is to go to the best doctor, not the one who can just do it sooner.  No 2 surgeons are equal and you only get one shot at a great result.

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Tummy tuck

i warn people that they will need two weeks off work for a desk job and 6-8 weeks off for a manual labor job.  most people do plan fairly far ahead for thesesurgeries because of the problem you are having.  your costs will vary depending on the surgeon and the location. do not be in a rush. if you have faith in your surgeon, he is worth waiting for.

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