I'm having a browbone reduction for my facial feminization. Need help understanding what split calvarial bone graft is? (Photo)

My doctor has stated that for my specific case my frontal sinus is thin but my sinus itself is large. Unfortunately he cannot just shave the bone because it woulf have little to no effect .. for my situation he says id need a split calvarial bone graft. Can anyone explain why? will this be a cosmetically pleasing result? And is it worty it to do. He actually recently did my jaw reduction and rhinoplasty so please excuse the swelling. He also did mention that it would be a staged procedure

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Thanks for the question and photos. It's hard to tell what your brows look like based on the photos so I can't comment on whether you need it but most people do need it. In terms of the procedure, Shaving the bone down is rarely a good idea. We usually do a bone flap over the sinus (split calvarial bone graft usually refers to something else but I understand what you mean) . The results are great if done well by someone who has experience with them. Good luck

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