Plagiocephaly - Would Craniofacial Surgery or Facial Reconstruction Surgery Be Right For Me?

i will visit a craniofacial surgeon this week, because i believe i have plagiocephaly on the right side of my face/head. The reason i say this is because my head/ face is noticeably bigger on the right side, and my right maxilla/mandible protudes on the right side, and my forehead on the right side protudes as well. However i am not definetly sure its plagiocephaly, or if it was the facial trauma i got on the right side of my face/head when i was four years old. In all, besidss this being a cosmetic issue, its also a pain issue. i have been feeling alot of pain on the right side of my face/head (pressurea pain feeling). will my condition make me a candidate for facial reconstruction surgery or craniofacial surgery? how much would i be looking at cost wise and will my medical insurance help cover half/most/all of the costs?

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Facal Recon

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The costs of surgery are always determined at the time of personal consultation and the quotes should also include the anesthesia.

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