Placing Columella Strut Via Transfixion Incision?

I heard that a transfixion incision distrupts nasal tip mechanisms and therefore an adverse effect. For placing a columella strut, is this done via a (full) transfixion incision?

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Placement of columella strut

A columellar strut is placed through a marginal incision, positioned between the inner medial crus of the lower lateral cartilage, then sewn together between the cartilages to hold it in place.  It is not placed through the hemitransfixion or a full transfixion incision.

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Placing Columellar Strut

There are a variety of approaches that can be utilized for placement of a columellar strut. At the end of the procedure the various structures are restored to their appropriate position and fixed in place.

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Columella strut

Depending upon the technqiue used will determine hos the columella strut is placed. If it is an open technique than a transfixion incision is not used. In a closed technique, sometimes a small tunnel is created after using a delivery approach or made through ahemi or full  transfixion incision .

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A Columellar Strut Typically Adds Support

A columellar strut is placed during rhinoplasty to add support to the nasal tip. This support may have been lacking to start, or the mechanics of nasal surgery and subsequent healing may weaken the support of the tip. The important take away is that your surgeon is planning on adding this support, which can be done by a variety of approaches.

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Columellar Strut Insertion Approach

Columellar struts can be placed by a variety of approaches, including a hemi- or full transfixion incisional approach. Whatever the approach, nasal structural support would be restored by suture techniques.

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Placing columellar strut

A columellar strut can be placed through a number of incisions

  • Open rhinoplasty
  • Nasal sil/columellar base
  • Hemi or full transfixion
  • Transbuccal
  • Direct infratip/columellar 

Each situation may demand a unique approach

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Placing Columellar Strut via Transfixion Incision.

A columellar strut can be placed through a transfixion or hemitransfixion incision. Every surgeon has their own techniques which are influenced by the individual needs of each patient.There are always potential side effects to any nasal incision but an experienced surgeon will compensate for the interruption of structural support or function.

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