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My doctor isn't offering Sientra implants because of a fire in Brazil , so I am stuck with using either mentor or allergen. I had really had my heart set on the highly cohesive gel because of the chance of less rippling , lower CC rate and the good warrenty! And no other implants have a highly cohesive that is round and smooth, they only offer shaped gel. So my question is ,Are doctors choosing to not use Sientra right now ? Should I choose another implant or wait until Sientra is offered again?

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Sientra implants

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If you still have not had your surgery, Sientra breast implants are again available.  Best of luck to you and hope that helps -

Should You Wait for Sientra Implants?

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Both of the implant companies you mentioned, Allergan and Mentor, make very good products.  Having said that, Sientra does make a great product and the highly cohesive shaped implant has all of the benefits that you mentioned.  

Sientra does appear to be ramping up again and is likely to start sales again aound the first of February, so if you can wait they will be availble fairly soon.

I hope that helps.

Best regards.

Natrelle Inspira

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We have been using Natrelle Inspira implants instead of Sientra and our patients have been very happy.  They come with a great warranty as well.  

Kevin Rose, MD
Provo Plastic Surgeon

Natrelle Inspira

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In our office, we have had good success over the last few months with the Allergan Natrelle Inspira smooth implant. It has all of the characteristics that you describe for the Sientra implant. Good luck.

Great Results with Mentor

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Mentor implants are very high quality.  Do not hesitate to use these implants.  They are highly cohesive and should meet all your needs.  I am a fan or both Mentor and Sientra.

Sientra Implants Are not the Best

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Sientra implants were not really highly cohesive, that is why they could put them in both their shaped and round implants. Risk of capsular contracture is less to do about the implant and more about how the surgery is performed.  That is why shaped implants placed through an inframammary incision into a pocket that has been precisely made by electrocautery have the lowest risk of capsular contracture.

Make your mind up.  If you really want to enjoy the benefits of highly cohesive implants, then they'll need to be shaped. Natrelle 410's and Mentor's Memory shape fit the bill. If you want a round implant, then Mentor offers the softest device with the thinnest shell. 

PS: Natrelle Inspira implants are NOT highly cohesive, they are just filled with the same silicone found in their regular implants, just over filled.

Best of luck!

Breast Augmentation

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You are in luck. Allergan has a Natrelle Inspira that is smooth, round, highly cohesive and should meet all your needs. I am a Sientra fan and have been using Natrelle now with very nice results. 

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