Can Filler Injections cause Bruising leading to Hemosiderin?

I had rhinoplasty and fat grafting under the eyes for hollows Jan 31, 2014. I had hemosiderin staining below the eyes, high cheekbone area. Laser treatments have helped tremendously and almost healed. I'm considering getting some very superficial fillers near my nose around the cheeks as there is some very slight indents that make my face look a little flat in that area. Can filler injections cause bruising leadering to hemosiderin?

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Hemosiderin deposit after filler injection

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It is uncommon to have Hemosiderin deposit after filler injection. However, it is important to note it can happen with any procedure. The great news is that its possibility can be reduced with applying ice, taking Arnica prior to surgery and using laser if it happens. Again it is unlikely that you would have the problem if you follow our advice of avoiding specific medications.
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Filler injections and hemosiderin staining

The short answer to your question is that any procedure, even minimally invasive ones can cause bruising which can result in deposits of hemosiderin that stain the skin. You might consider arnica  Montana pills prior to the procedure to minimize risks of bruising, ice packs afterwards, etc. The risk I would presume from the injections should be very small however.

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Can Injections Cause Hemosiderin Staining

Hi Ms. Mejia.  Yes, injections can cause hemosiderin staining, but rarely do.  The bruising associated with injection procedures is rarely serious enough to have this effect.  If it does, we use q-switched lasers to pull the excess melanin away from the surface to get rid of the staining.  

To see an example of before and after photos of q-switched laser treatments to remove the brown staining after under eye injections, click the link below.  Good luck.

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Can Filler Injection Cause Hemosiderin

The simple answer to this is yes, and if this occurs IPL, pulsed dye laser, or KTP laser can be used to treat this condition somewhat.  I wish you the best of luck, Dr. Emer.

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Can Filler Injections cause Bruising leading to Hemosiderin?

   Injections of any kind can cause bruising.

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Bruising after filler

Any bruise runs the risk of leaving behind hemosiderin, whether from surgery or from needles. That being said, the bruises from filler are much smaller than bruises from surgery. As a result, the risk for iron deposition (hemosiderin) is low. When it occurs, it is temporary but can take many months to resolve on its own (lasers can speed up the resolution). If a procedure with bruising potential is planned, prevention of hemosiderin staining is best. Avoid blood thinners, such as aspirin, NSAIDS, and many herbals, prior to the procedure. Using sunblock SPF >30 and/or staying out of the sun can help ensure any bruises resolve uneventfully.

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