Placement Under Fascia: Will They Sag More?

hi am183cm with very wide chest and size full A at the moment. I want to get 500cc implants and the doctor advised me to put them under fascia. i am afraid if i would be able to feel the implants by touch and if they will sag due to size. Doctor said that the implants will move if placed undermuscle and that placing them under fascia is the new thing. if i put them under fascia will they become more evident if i loose weight(i fluxuate in weight often but not athletic) thank you

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Subfascial augmentation

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Subfascial augmentation is a procedure that is not done by many surgeons in the United States, and done correctly by even fewer.  When performed correctly, subfascial placement can offer the most natural and beautiful appearing breasts that last the longest.  the problem with submuscular implnats is that the constant tone of the pectoralis major muscle continues to push them down and to the side.  Since there is no support there, they will end up down and to the side, it is only a matter of time.  It may take six months or 10 years depending on the surgical technique and the patient.  Even in the best case scenario the patient has to deal with 'jumping' of the breasts every time they move their arms which can be very embarassing in social clothing and especially bikinis.  Subfascial augmentation performed appropriately gives the entire implant structural support, like a bra inside the breast.  I use a modified technique called 'cold-subfascial augmentation' in order to harness the full power of this fascia for a long lasting and beautifullt tear-drop shaped breast.  I trained with the innovator that first proposed subfascial placement Dr. Ruth Graf in Curitiba Brazil and have examined countless 10-15 year follow ups that still apear beautiful with no revisions, a true rarity with submuscular placement.  It sounds like your surgeon may be on the right track.    I hope this helps!

All the best,

Rian A. Maercks M.D.

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