Place Shorter, Smaller Dental Implants or Graft?

I am a young adult and am missing two molars on one side, first and second (no 3rd). I have one opinon to place a 4x8 implant in the 1st and 3x6 in the 2nd without any additonal bone grafting (had one already for first molar, after a post opt infection from first attempt at implant, we did not try second molar at this time) Another opinion I have got is to block bone graft for addl height and width and bigger implants. I am so confushed I have two more consultations to go (all oral surgeons).

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Should I get shorter smaller implants or grafting

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I would err on the side of caution as shorter implants generally have a higher failure rate than longer ones.  You may get even more confused the more dentist you speak with.

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Short implants in molar sites

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Generally speaking, short implants have high failure rate in the molar sites, especially when it is the upper ones. I am guessing you need to replace your upper molars. In this case, I highly recommend sinus lift bone augmentation and placement of wide diameter implants (5 or 6 mm) in lengths of either 13 or 15.  I have been following these principles for over 15 years and have experienced no failures.


The link below with provide you with more information.


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Shorter, Smaller Dental Implants

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If it were my mouth, I would opt for the longer, wider implant whenever possible. If you seek out 3 opinions, you will probably get 3 different answers. You have to trust and believe in your dentist that will be restoring the implants to work with a qualified, experienced oral surgeon, who will give you the best advice. If you go for other opinions, they will tend to tell you what you are looking to hear.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
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Not all implants are created equal nor are surgeons. Sounds like you probably need a sinus lift and another attempt at implants in the back of your mouth on the top two are better then one because the bone is softer. 

Tamara Rojas, DMD
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Size matters with implants

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Longer and wider is better, but may not make TOO much difference depending on occlusion.  If a graft can be placed so that longer implants can be placed, it is likely the best option.

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