After Pixel Laser: More Wrinkles Around my Mouth?

I have had 2 pixel treatments now, the last one with 4 stacks on my entire face and 5 stacks targeted at acne scarring. Where I had deeper acne scarring on my chin(not too visible - but skin puckering when i move my mouth) It seems that I have deeper lines now. It appeared after the first treatment, I was told that these things might appear and then go away as the treatments progressed.

The second treatment made it worse. Is this accurate or is my skin rejecting the procedure. I also have a few faint white lines on my skin from the procedure. Will this go away? I want to continue, as i do see some benefits, ( and i need to correct the negatives that have occured due to the treatments) but i do not want to cause any further harm to my face. Help...... M.

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So far in our practice, Pixel technology has been a "homerun."

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Like any device, it can be used in many different ways, namely different power settings, number of passes and technique of "stacking." In our experience, we have never seen a worsening of lines or contour irregularities. Patients can go through a time period, usually around two weeks post treatment, where the lines can appear temporarily worse. This is when most of the swelling has resolved and the collagen/elastin changes have only begun to take place. With regard to the faint white lines, it could be evidence of hypopigmentation from a very deep treatment. If that is the case, it can persist. The up side is that a deeper treatment can result in better surface results.

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