Options for Scar Removal Aside from Pixel?

I am a type 1 diabetic and I have had 2 Pixel laser treatments already, and I had no problems. I have a tiny scar from having a mole removed and I am going to have one more treatment. The scar is greatly improved but I am wondering if something else could be more beneficial. What are my options? Thank you.

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Improving scars with laser or dermabrasion

Scar revision can be performed with laser, ablative or non-ablative.  Subcision, scar excision, and dermabrasion can also be used to improve scar depth, color, and texture. 

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Low power laser treatments are a safe way to remove scars in individuals

Low power laser treatments are a safe way to remove scars in individuals. Having type I diabetes places you at some risks for wound healing so I would stick with a treatment that is not very invasive like the treatment you are undergoing especially if you are noticiing clinical improvement. The more agressive laser treatments require more down time and take longer to heal and if you can achieve satisfactory results with limited risks I would go that route.

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