Speeding Up Peeling Process After Pixel?

I had a Pixel Laser 4 days ago and my skin starting is to peel. My new skin is so pink, like scarred in some areas. Is alright if I use a scrub or cleanser to speed up the peeling process? Thanks

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Gentle scrubbing after Pixel is okay

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In the first few after Pixel treatment the skin becomes crusty and bronzed. After the first few days, the crusts start to fall off. When they do start to come off, gentle clensing with a wet washcloth can encourage them. However, this should not be done aggressively. Some pinkness to the skin is normal and, occasionally, topical steroid creams may be used to soothe these areas. Certainly, I would contact your physician to hear their recommendations.

Naples Facial Plastic Surgeon

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