Will a Second Pixel Laser Facial Help Prevent Wrinkles for a 29 Y/o, if the First One Barely Affected Me? (photo)

I received one Pixel facial, must have been a low setting and not much more than one pass, barely affected me. I am considering going back for another session, because I like the clinic, but should I tell them that they should try a higher setting or more passes? Should I even continue pursuing Pixel as a wrinkle preventative measure at 29 years old?

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The longevity and success of Pixel treatments depends on the patient, how robust their collagen response is and, not unimportantly, the setting used during the treatment.  With more aggressive Pixel settings as used in our office, patients typically only need one treatment with results that last for several years.  Of course, the downtime for a single, stronger Pixel treatment would also be slightly longer than with conservative, more frequent treatments.  Since significant risks are involved with the Pixel procedure and suboptimal results may be obtained in experienced hands, it should only be performed by board-certified dermatologists or plastic surgeons who are experienced with the procedure.  With that being said, there are also other, less invasive ways to prevent wrinkles in young patients such as good skin care and daily sunscreen.

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