Exfoliating Cream After Pixel?

I'm on day three of my second treatment and I'm very dry. I want to go back to work on day 5, but I'm afraid I will be too dry. Can anyone suggest an exfoliating cream that will help to gently remove the dead skin after Pixel Laser?

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Exfoliation after Pixel Laser

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The dryness after Pixel Laser is usually worse at about the third day after the procedure and then quickly resolves over the next two or three days. Cetaphil cream is a nice, mild moisturizer that can help the dryness. When the skin begins to flake off, you can encourage is GENTLY with a wet washcloth. Exfoliating creams may be a little bit too harsh. By day three, make up can be worn, which may help make you feel more presentable.

Hope this helps.

Naples Facial Plastic Surgeon

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