Lipoma pain in back and left side hip

Hi I noticed two lumps in my back when I was 15 years old about the size of a .. Now I'm 40 and have about six to 7 lumps from the size of a soft ball when it swells to golf ball in sizes. my back and hip now throb with severe pain to where I'm limping from it or holding my back from the pain .. I keep reading that lipoma isn't pain full.. Could they be pressing up against and organ or nerve mind you I have to soft ball size lumps on each side of my back where my kidneys are I BELIVE .. C

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Lipoma pain in back and left side hip

Thank you for your question and I am sorry to hear of your lipoma issues.  In most cases lipomas are not painful but as they grow they can impinge on muscles or nerves that can cause discomfort.  I would recommend seeing a board certified plastic surgeon for an in-person evaluation to diagnose the lipomas and discuss the best surgical plan for removal.  Hope this helps.

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