This is a year after. Is this color normal? (Photo)

They look like this and I had them done a year ago is this normal? For them to be this color?

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Change in pigmentation to nipples post BBR

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Hi - if you had delayed healing or free nipple graft then sometimes nipples can lose some pigment, particularly with darker skin colours.  If they are that colour now then this is unlikely to improve by itself and I would recommend tattoo as an option.

Nipple color

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Hello, and thank you for your question.  Overall you appear to have a great result, but you have lost some of the pigment color to your areolas.  This is not uncommon with darker skinned patients after breast reduction, unfortunately.  I recommend that you visit your surgeon again and discuss options for tattooing to camouflage the color.

Soumo Banerji, MD
Houston Physician

Nipple areolar complex color change

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Thanks for your question. It's difficult to answer your question without knowing some specific info about your surgery like Did you have a "free nipple graft?" Sometimes darker pigmented skin does this after breast reduction surgery. 

Breast reduction

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If you had some healing issues with your nipple areola complex or you had a free nipple graft, sometimes pigmentation is lost. Tattooing them may be a solution.

Is this normal?

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Thank you for your picture. Unfortunately with a free nipple graft breast reduction this is the typical outcome. This outcome is the primary reason I stop performing free nipple graft breast reduction. There may be some additional pigmentation that occurs but unlikely.

Best wishes.

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