Vaser for fat transfer? (photos)

I seen one doctor for consult he said he uses vaser to get the fat melted off. I've heard others say that's bad because the fat should be treated like gold. Especially w/ how little I'll have. I also done understand why some doctors find 1/2 the fat the need to just out in the side of my butt and another one has found very much. Maybe the doctors how can't find it haven't had many small girls? The doctor who seen a good amount has done quite a few small girls. I'm 5'2 110-115 - what do you see?

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Body contour.

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The vaser machine is an ultrasound that will melt and kill the adipocites, the fat cells. It is good when you need skin retraction, which is not your case. What is going to be the best for you is a liposuction in you abdomen and your back with the use of a fat graft to your buttocks to improve body contour. You will have your body curve improved and your buttock rounded just a little.

Brazil Plastic Surgeon


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You need to differentiate the expertise of the doctor and the commercial tactics to get your money.
Vaser is laser liposuction where the fat is melted by the energy of the laser. That fat is not suitable for transfer . is dead.  Transferring dead fat will continue to be dead.
Now based on the pictures posted you have little fat in the flanks that by removing that fat, it will shape your curves and get some fat that can be transferred to the buttock. If you want more buttock enhancement then you may consider Buttock implants. Again with a very experienced doctor. Not necessarily the cheapest.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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