Is it better to see an actual plastic surgeon for administering fillers or is an R.N. ok ?

Since Juvederm Voluma has just become available in December of 2013 is it better to see an actual plastic seurgon or is it ok to see an R.N. with 10+ years experience with administering fillers. Would like a doctors perspective...

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Who should be injecting

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I understand your confusion, and your question is a valid one.
It is true that nurse practitioners can inject and well trained practitioners can do a great job. After all experience makes a difference. Now the way to think about this question is what would you rather have? Comprehensive approach to facial rejuvenation versus only one modality. The extent and breadth of the training allows a plastic surgeon to give the patient a more comprehensive picture of what would work best. Injectables is only one of the many treatments that your board certified plastic surgeon can incorporate in your rejuvenation. Good luck.

Filler Administration by doctor or RN

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There are 3 things you have to consider in choosing the person who will do your injection:
  1. comprehensive knowledge in anatomy, physiology, and pathology
  2. ability to handle possible serious complication like venous or arterial embolism
  3. license to practice
I'm sure licensed nurses with relevant experience will be able to administer well, but keep in mind that plastic surgeon has a better understanding about the science behind aesthetic procedures and their applications. 

Somyos Kunachak, MD
Thailand Facial Plastic Surgeon
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