New FDA approved injection for spider veins in Pennsylvania?

Hello, back in February of 2014 I went to my doctors for my fourth injection for spider veins around my ankles. I discussed how I had not seen much improvement from the last 3 injections and the doctor mentioned a new medication (sclero agent) that was recently FDA approved in Pennsylvania that came from Germany. The only thing I do recall is that it was very expensive. Was hoping to verify what this new medication is called as the practice has since moved and I'm unable to get the information

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Foam sclerotherapy - FDA approved drugs

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Sclerotherapy works well around the ankles and sometimes requires more than one treatment, especially if you have a densely populated spider and reticular veins around the ankle called corona phlebectasia ('crowning of the ankle with veins'). Polidochanol is a great agent for this. See the link below from the Doctors TV Show. 

Asclera or Fibrovein

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There are two recently FDA approved sclerosing agents now available in the US.  Asclera is polidocanol and Fibrovein is sodium tetradecyl sulphate. Both of these can be used as a foam.

John Landi, MD
Naples General Surgeon

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