Internal Scar Tissue Revision after Gynecomastia Surgery? *1 Year post op*

I still have little pea to peanut sized balls of scar tissue behind each nipple acting as a baby gland giving my areola a slight uncomfortable projection. I was receiving steroid injections for awhile and they helped a little but there was fear about thinning skin at a certain point. Would a small office revision under local anesthetic be risky in terms of scar tissue coming right back? I was told this may be an option originally. I know for a fact it is not gland and it is scar tissue. Thanks!

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Scar Tissue After Gynecomastia

As you heal, the area may feel “lumpy” and irregular. This, too, decreases with time, and massaging these areas will help soften the scar tissue. Now, from what I have told my own patients there would be no need for continued steroid injections, and you should be able to try massaging with skin cream and such for a little while before you look into spending a great deal more for a revision.

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It might be possible under local to do this procedure, but it might be more involved than you think. Hard to say without an exam.

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