I had 3 teeth crown prepped on May 5,2016. #29,30,3 - Proceeded to have 2 of 3 root canals separately. I'm still in pain?

Dentist is on vavation so it's been a long wait but honestly it's ok because I'm hurting and afraid to have him touch my mouth. Cannot wait to have this temporary crown x3 removed but afraid I will be in further pain? I'm sick and tired of dentist appts and Endodonist appts, do u think they should have juts done 3 root canals from the beginning? My appt to have petmanent crowns placed is finally in 1 week but I'm afraid to have him touch me while I'm still having pain , like level 3 out of 10?

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Pain after root canals and #crowns #DrSoftTouch

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Hello there,
It sounds like you are beginning to feel better, but if you are still experiencing pain I would recommend returning to your endodontist for a follow up.  It's impossible to say if all three root canals should have been done at the same time or before your teeth were prepped for crowns because I was not involved with your case.  However, I can say that most dentists would choose the conservative route first.  Meaning, a tooth that requires a crown does not automatically require a root canal also, so the prep is done first and if issues arise then a root canal may be recommended).  Good luck and I hope this helps. Follow me if you have more questions. 

Sarah Thompson, DMD
St. Louis, MO area (O'Fallon, IL)
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Pain after root canals

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If you are still having pain after having root canals, you need to have see your endodontist.  You should not have permanent restorations put in until you are out of pain.  My recommendation is to return to your endodontist to see why you are still having pain.  

Desiree Yazdan, DDS
Newport Beach Dentist
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Root canal before dental crown

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Hello, thanks for write!
The root canal will be most of the time because necessary by the moment you will place a crow and it can only be determinate by x-rays and physical evaluation with an specialist in endodontic treatment. Root canal treatment is a procedure where the endodontist remove the pulp of the tooth avoiding the sensibility and pain on it. 

Yocasta Caba, DDS
Dominican Republic Dentist
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