Will under eye and cheek fillers make a difference for me? (photos)

Hi Doctors (-: I'm asking this question because I'm only 19 and as you can see I have dark circles under my eyes. I hate them! People always say I look tired even when I'm not. I'm wondering if under eye fillers will help me. Also, will cheek fillers add volume as well as symmetry to my face? I've noticed that the right side of my face seems slightly lower than the left. -Ashley

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Volumizers Work Well For Cheek Augmentation & Fillers Work Well For Under Eye Dark Circles & Tear Troughs

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Nonsurgical cheek augmentation using volumizing fillers, such as Voluma XC (which I use in my Upper East Side Manhattan practice), can help to improve symmetry and create a more desirable projection and light reflection. (In my Israel satellite practice, where a far greater number of regulatory agency approved products are available, I would opt for Stylage XXL for this purpose). 

Dark circles and tear troughs can be effectively improved with fillers.  My preference here would be Belotero Balance (a hyaluronic acid product with little or no tendency to give rise to the unwanted bluish colored Tyndall Effect often encountered when other hyaluronic acid products are injected superficially, especially in the delicate skin of this region) combined with a tiny amount of Radiesse, a whitish colored filler that helps to lighten the darkness.

Both regions require an experienced injector. Seek consultation with a board certified aesthetic physician with expertise in the nonsurgical rejuvenation of the cheeks and eye unit and of course ask to see his/her befores and afters.

Fillers for face and eyes

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The best way to augment the face is to add volume to correct the facial asymmetry.  Voluma or Sculptra or Restylane can each add volume and help make your face symmetric.  A small amount of Restylane or Belotero under the eyes can also help correct this darkness and hollows under the eyes.  Please consult a board certified dermatologist with a great deal of experience with facial injections for the best cosmetic result.

Non-Surgical Cheek Augmentation To Improve Facial Symmetry

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85% of people have asymmetry between the right and left sides of the face.  This asymmetry can be greatly improved by adding volume to the face with facial fillers.

In your case, the right side of your face has less volume.  You would be a great candidate to for a non-surgical cheek augmentation with dermal fillers.  I like Perlane or Juvederm Voluma in this area.  

For the dark circles underneath your eyes, I would consider tear trough injections.  I perfer to use Juvederm in this area. 

I hope this helps.  

Will under eye and cheek fillers make a difference for me?

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I recommend ONLY IN PERSON evaluations. But I see using 1 syringe of Belotero-Balance to tear troughs and 2 to 4 syringes of Juvederm's VOLUMA to cheeks.. Fee in the $4,500 range.. 

Yes I think so!

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You have a great area for fillers under the eyes and on the upper cheekbones.  I think it is important to go to someone who really knows what they are doing though as this area is very tricky!  Good luck!

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