How bad is my gum recession? (photos)

I'm only 19 years old and my dentist was surprised when I had "bad gum recession for my age". I've already had gum graph surgery on many of my teeth, however I'm still a little worried. I have two main questions. How bad is the recession? And is it possible for my teeth to become loose because not enough gum is covering them? I don't want them to fall out!

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Gum Recession

gum recession will lead to tooth loss because of the associated bone loss 

You have to find out what has caused this recession 

- orthodobtic treatment ? 

- aggressive brushing ? 

- clenching and Grinding?

- smoking ? 

Your dentist is right

At 19 you should not have recessions 

Get a referral to see a periodontist for proper diagnosis and treatment 

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