Is "animation deformity" of breast implants a guarantee or rather a possible risk of sub muscular implant placement?

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Animation deformity

"Animation deformity" will occur with implants placed under the muscle. However, in most patients, it's barely noticeable. The benefits of this implant placement far outweigh any risks, but you should discuss all of your options with your plastic surgeon. Best, Dr. Nazarian

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Animation Deformity

Any implant placed in the submuscular position will have some motion with flexion of the pectoralis muscle. However, it the muscle is carefully and precisely released, the motion is not objectionable for virtually all patients, and very subtle when wearing any kind of clothing such as a bikini or workout apparel.  The advantages of submuscular implants far outweigh the animation issues for a very high percentage of patients.   The potential exception is the bodybuilder with a very active pectoralis muscle. 
Objectionable animation deformities where there is a prominent crease with contraction of the pectoralis muscle are due to incomplete release or overly aggressive release of the pectoralis muscle, and can be avoided with precision in muscle release.

Thomas A. Mustoe, MD, FACS
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Animation Deformity

Animation deformity refers to a change in the appearance of the breast when the muscle lying over the implant is contracted.  The only way to confidently avoid this is to place the implants above the muscle.  Fortunately, significant deformity that would prompt a patient to consider a revision is unusual and placement above the muscle has its own downsides as well.

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Animation deformity


Thank you for your question. With implants placed under the pectoral muscle, you can expect some degree of movement or distortion of the implant when flexing those muscle. To have Animation deformity to the degree that surgical intervention is required to correct it is much less common and can typically be avoided with careful surgical technique. I recommend that you talk about these considerations with your Plastic Surgeon.

All the best

Jerome Edelstein, MD
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Breast animation

If for breast animation we intend the fact that moving your arms and contracting your muscles would change the shape of your breasts or lift the implants, then it is a guarantee. If we are talking more about the 'animation deformity', which involves very unnatural shapes during muscle contraction, that is a risk, and can normally be avoided.

Ciro Adamo, PhD, MD
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Animation of muscle

Hi, there.
If the implants are placed in sub muscular plane or dual plane, you will experience some degree of muscle animation. Please talk with you plastic surgeon about surgical plan, benefits, risks, and limitations of the surgery.
Best regards.

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Is "animation deformity" of breast implants a guarantee or rather a possible risk of sub muscular implant placement?

Thank you for your question.  Animation deformity with submuscular implant placement is a possible risk, not a guarantee.  Be sure to see an ASPS board certified plastic surgeon for an in-person evaluation and discussion of your procedure.  

Nelson Castillo, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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