Had 9 crowns put in. Do I need to take an antibiotic?

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Antibiotics after crown placement? #DrSoftTouch

Antibiotics are not normally needed after having crowns cemented. Antibiotics are prescribed for an infection or as a pre medication for conditions such as joint replacement. I would recommend follow up with your dentist if you have questions regarding medication you should be taking. I hope this helps.  Click on the save button below my name, if you have any direct questions for me in the future.

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Antibiotics for crown placement

Typically for crown cementations, you do not need antibiotics. You would only need antibiotics if you routinely take them for dental procedures such as cleanings. If you have a heart valve problem or joint replacements such as hip or knee replacements. Hope this helps.

Antibiotic needed after crown


In the absence of infection there is no need to take antibiotic.  Its best to consult your dentist before you take any medication.  However, antibiotic are not normally needed after crown cementation.


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