Pitted Skin After Sculptra?

Five years after having some Sculptra injections in cheek wrinkles my skin looks somewhat pitted. The surgeon who used the Sculptra say is looks more like fisherman's skin. What is that? I think I was the Sculptra. Is that possible? What can I do?

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Fisherman's skin?

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I have never heard the term Fisherman's skin, but I would venture to say that it means wind and sun damaged skin. You have aged five years since your Sculptra treatment and it is more likely that your skin has changed as a result of that aging, sun exposure, wind damage and whatever else the South Carolina environment has thrown at you. See a board certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist for some direction. Good luck!

Are they little nodules?

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Sculptra can be an excellent way to restore lost volume and shape to the face or hands. However, in my experience, it can be difficult to get good results if used to fill in skin wrinkles as placing the material fairly high (superficially) sometimes results in nodules or "little balls" that you can feel. I have had several patients sent to me who had this outcome as I can sometimes correct it.

Correction requires injection with either a salt water solution or a steroid solution followed by massage. That may get rid of the nodules you can feel.

You may be able to get rid of the area you don't like with a minor office procedure as well.

Good luck!

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