What Can I Do About This Pitted Scar Around my Lip? (photo)

What are my best options to treat a scar like this? It's an indented scar from about 4 months ago and the redness around it has not faded at all. If it wasn't right on my lip I wouldn't care about it so much but it's driving me crazy there. I obviously made a major mistake by picking at it a lot while it was breaking out. Hoping there is some safe option to get rid of the redness around my lip without making things worse. All the creams I've looked at say they can't treat this type of scar.

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Scar revision

Hi sc89.  Pitted scars can be treated by several different options.  One option may be to use a punch tool to open the 'pit' of the scar and then reclose with a stitch.  The 'punch' creates two raw edges for the spot to heal.  This is the same tool that is used when doing a biopsy on a skin lesion.  This can be done under local anesthetic.  Another option would be to just excise the complete scar and reclose with a few stitches.  Once your stiches come out in a week or so, than you can begin applying a scar care cream to help minimize redness, etc.  Of course you need to have a doctor look at it in person to determine what is your best option. 

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