Is this really my result? (photos)

8 weeks po tummy tuck/ mr/ ventral and umbilical hernia repair, no lipo. unhappy with roll of fat/ skin above incision and general aesthetics of contour. A definite improvement over my pre op " Buddha belly" but was really expecting tighter and flatter. Also, not sure why my BB was floated. 8 week follow up this week but is this really my result? Can I expect swelling to go down much more? Will I need lipo/ revision?

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FInal Result

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You look like you have a nice result for the pre-op state you presented with and the procedures you had. An important part of our job is to manage patient expectations and keep them realistic. It seems to me that although you "hoped' for more, at some level you realize this is indeed an acceptable result that you can be happy with. And even given that you will continue to have further improvement over the next several months.


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You do appear swollen in the pictures, but in combination with a hernia repair with mesh, swelling post tummy tuck does last longer. This result is not unexpected.

Regina M. Fearmonti, MD
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon
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Results after Tummy Tuck

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You will still have some swelling in the lower abdomen for many months after a tummy tuck. Your pictures look like you have a fair amount of remaining intraabdominal fat that will only flatten with further weight loss. Liposuction can thin the external fat layer, but won't thin the intraabdominal fat around your intestines and organs. Also, the hernia repair indicates that your abdominal muscle wall is inherently weak and you may not ever have a completely flat abdomen because of this. 

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