8 weeks post op of full abdominoplasty with muscle repair & liposuction. At 7-8 weeks my tummy looks bulged out? (Photos)

I got full abdominoplasty with muscle repair and liposuction but at 8 weeks my tummy looks buldged out and it's not at all flat and looks nothing like how it did in first few weeks. I am wondering if it is normal swelling or my muscle repair failed or is it weight gain.

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Post Op Abdominal Bulge


Thank you for your question and photos. At two months post op you are not quite finished with residual swelling around the abdomen. This could persist for another two months. Having said that, increasing your calorie intake during the recovery period can lead to abdominal weight gain. As well, Intra-abdominal fat or visceral fat is not removed with liposuction and must be lost through diet and exercise. I recommend that you see your Plastic Surgeon in person to talk about your concerns and progress.

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Tummy tuck issues

It is hard to compare with your preop since there are no photos. Fullness can be related to preop visceral fat, thickness of the abdominal subcutaneous fatty layer, weak muscle plication, swelling, or fluid.  An exam in person is important.

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Abdominal bulging after tummy tuck

Thank you for the question and photos.  There are a number of reasons to see abdominal bulging after a tummy tuck including:

  • Residual swelling
  • Residual excess fat
  • Residual abdominal wall weakness
  • Pseudo-bursa or other scar tissue related process
  • Other

Since you are still early following your tummy tuck it may certainly be swelling that is the source of the abdominal fullness.  I would follow you plastic surgeons recommendations at this time.  I would suspect that compression and time will be very helpful to allow the residual swelling to subside.

Good luck with the remainder of your recovery.

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