MRI After PIP Implants; Show Fluid Buildup?

I Have PIP Implants, I Have Had an MRI Which Shows Fluid in the Peri Implant Space, is This Bad?

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Fluid Build up around Breast Implants on MRI?

Thank you for the question.

Based on the description of your MRI findings,  I think you will be best off visiting with well experienced board-certified plastic surgeons. More than likely, it will be in your best interest to have the breast implants removed. Whether or not you choose to have the breast implants replaced and/or have other procedures done to change size/shape/position of the breasts  will depend on your goals.

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Fluid Around PIP Breast Implants on MRI

Generally speaking, the presence of fluid around a breast implant is to be expected in the early post-surgical period but is not a "normal" finding in the long term where it can be associated with an inflammatory response (such as infection or biofilm) or implant failure and leak. Since PIP implants are associated with multiple issues, you should consult with your Plastic surgeon and probably consider having them removed or replaced with a safer breast implant. 

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Peter A Aldea, MD
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Peter A. Aldea, MD
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Fluid around a PIP breast implant on MRI - what is the significance

If the MRI has shown fluid around a PIP implant, my strong recommendation would be to have your implants removed. As you probably know from all the recent publicity about PIP implants, not only are their shells weak, but the silicone used in most of them was not medical grade. Although no links to cancer have been shown, they can cause other problems with inflammation and swelling of the glands.

The sooner you have them removed the better, as they will only deteriorate with time, however, it is not an emergency, and there is certainly no need to panic.

Good luck!

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