Hi I Have Pip Implants Will an Ultra Sound Scan Show Up Any Ruptures?

Hi I Have Pip Implants Will an Ultra Sound Scan Show Up Any Ruptures?

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PIP implants Need to be replaced

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Ultrasound may show a rupture but can also miss some. A MRI is the best test if the ultrasound is negative. Personally, I would just have them replaced now as it is an inferior product that was recalled as they did not use medical grade silicone and manufacturing processes of the shell.

This time go to a board certified plastic surgeon (Few if any used PIP implants in the United States).

You shouldnt wait for a rupture. Get them out!

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  Some ruptures are picked up on ultrasound but you shouldnt wait for a rupture.  The gel is contaminated and harmful.  The shells are defective.  They will all break and the gel is harmful.   I have removed 8 of them and 2 were ruptured already.   

This industrial silicone gel will make you sick.   One woman had a severe reaction to it and she was not fully ruptured.  She had gel bleed through the shell and her body had an intense inflammatory reaction to the industrial silicone.

Check out Sientra breast implants.  They are  high strength  medical silicone silicone.   These cohesive Gummy Bear Implants have the lowest complication rates reported.  I am including a link below to a research paper I have published on over 700 of them.   

Best of luck and please get those PIP gels out asap.  

Grant Stevens, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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