What Can I Expect From PIP Implants Removal 8 Years PO?

Hi, I had PIP implants inserted over the muscle 8yrs ago, when I was 18. I am now 26. My weight has stayed constant. However I have had two babies and breast feed them both for 6months each. I was an 34a and went to a 34 c. I have a lot of rippling and in the mean time my mum and nan have had breast cancer and survived, however my second cousion and nan have had it and died. I really want them removed but unsure of what the results will be like any ideas? Was thinking if having Macrolane injections

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PIP breast implant

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Good advise from Dr. Aldea. Remove the PIP implants.

need a genetic counceling for breast cancer. Then based on the results discuss the insertion of new implants and the position of the new implants with your plastic surgeon and how the follow up is going to be . Your case with that strong family history and breast implant, if you decide to have one is an MRI every other year with mammogram every year and 6 monthly ohysical examination

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What Can I Expect From PIP Implants Removal 8 Years PO?

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You are bringing up several VERY important concerns. To explant or not to explant?
FAMILY HISTORY of Breast Cancer -You shuld be checked to see if you have a BRCA mutation which gives you a high likelihood of breast cancer.  There is NO doubt that an implant free breast is easier to exaine that one with a breast implant.  If you wanted to get the best chances of detecting a cancer earlier especially if you have the gene, the implants may need to be removed.

With such a strong family history of breast cancer you have the right to be concerned. THE BEST BREAST RADIOLOGICAL EXAMINATION IS THE MRI. However, the test is expensived and may not be covered under the NHS. A MRI WILL detect concers a LOT sooner than a nannogram and will demonstrate breast implant leaks in saline and silicone gell filled breast implants..

Although saline breast implants allow BETTER Mammographic examination than silicone filled implants (if the technician is familiar with Eklund views) and other ways to push the implants sideways to allow XRay examination of breast tissue.

In a cancer prone breast, I do not think it is a good idea to further muddy the icture by topping the breast off with Macrolane. Since you may require frequent examination, I would stay away from further confusing the issue.

HOW WOULD THE BREASTS LOOK AFTER IMPLANT REMOVAL? - You already know the likely answer: "I have a lot of rippling". As women age and some of their breast tissues covering the implants go away, the ripples found on the implants become visible through the thin breast skin. When implants are removed, the breasts sag further and may look like a rock in a sock.

Which one is more important to you? Breast Appearance or Peace of mind?  The choice is yours.


Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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