PIP Implants - Lymph Nodes Echogenic

I have PIP implants and following an ultrasound it has revealed i have two lymp nodes in the armpit which appear echogenic, suggesting the presence of silicone within them. What shall I do, as surgeon feels I should leave well alone, as I risk numbness, nerve damage and swollen arm?

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Silicone in Lymph Nodes - Recommendations

Ruptured Silicone Implants leaking into Lymph Nodes - My  Recommendations that I give my patients are as follows: 

I would recommend simply following the lymph nodes with silicone if only trace amounts. A board certified plastic surgeon will review your mammogram or MRI and make a recommendation for you. Personally, I would remove silicone filled lymph nodes (grossly filled, not microscopic or trace amounts)especially and in particular because PIP implants were used which has industrial, not medical grade, silicone.. Lymph nodes that are enlarged should also be removed and tested. The likelihood that is involved in serious condition is very rare and in fact, I reported on one of the few ever reported which occurred in more than 25 years of practice, but the PIP silicone may not act the same as medical grade so prudence is recommended.

Ruptured Silicone Implants should be removed and replaced. Typically removal of the surrounding capsule (Capsulectomy) is also performed to remove traces of silicone. En bloc simply is a Latin term for "the whole thing".The likelihood of this happening would be more likely prior to 2006 especially after trauma. After 2006 silicone implants were all more cohesive (more gel like).

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