Pink Blotches on Skin After Implant Removal?

I will be one week post op from removal of breast implants. There was no capsulectomy or muscle repair and the Dr. said it was an easy removal. I did not have drains. I feel swelling and the most soreness are under my breasts on my rib cage. Today I saw for the first time that under each breast,below incision and on top of ribs, there is a blotchy pink area that looks a bit swollen. Each is about the size of half of a dollar bill. I did not have drains. Is this serious?

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Pink blotches after breast implant removal

The best thing to do would be to see your plastic surgeon.  It may be anything from infection to a tape-related rash.  There is no way to know without seeing you.  Best of luck to you.

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Concerns about Pink Blotches after Breast Implant Removal?

Although your description does not sound like anything to worry about, you will be much better off being seen by your plastic surgeon. Otherwise, you will not be up to achieve any real peace of mind from online consultants.

Best wishes.

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Pink Blotches on Skin After Implant Removal

It is quite unlikely that this is anything serious, but this question is best directed to your surgeon who may have a few followup questions to ask. If this is around the incision, a reaction to the suture material seems a likely cause. Best to call today before the weekend.

Thanks, best wishes.

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