Can Pinching Your Nose Very Very Frequently Cause Damage to It (Bridge) Causing Pain Behind the Eye?

Hi, I'm a 17 years old male. I read somewhere on the internet that pinching your nose can make it higher, so I gave it a shot. I think it made it higher but now I have a small bump on my bridge. For the past 10 months I had been feeling this dull pain/ache behind my eye sometimes at the nose bridge and I am convinced that the dull pain behind my eyes is due to some structural issue with my nose due to pinching it. I went to an ENT and did an endoscope test and it was clear. Pls help! Thank u.

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Pinching your nose is no match for a rhinoplasty!

Where ever you read on the internet that "pinching your nose can make it higher," must have been an extraterrestrial. 

I do not know how you made it "higher" which has led to "a small bump on my bridge."  Whether or not the pain that you are having is due to that is uncertain, but I would certainly cease the practice and see if the pain goes away. If it does not go away fairly quickly -- within a matter of a couple of weeks -- consult with a specialist. 

I am glad that you did see a specialist already whose endoscopic test showed that, apparently, the airway was clear, but your best help will be you not pinching your nose.  Hands off!

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